Puppy Play

Puppy Play

What is pup play?

Pup play is a kind of role play in which humans adopt the persona and mentality of a puppy. This can take many forms, from simply enjoying the headspace of feeling like a puppy to wearing a pup hood, pup mitts or other pup gear to playing with other pups or even playing with someone who role plays as a handler.

What is a puppy? (pup, dog, alpha, beta, omega, pupper, etc.)

A puppy is the term for a human who enjoys taking on a role with a canine personality. For some, being a puppy is a headspace they enter for a limited period of time—for example, to unwind or just play—while for others it can be an identity they wear 24/7. Some pups are single (or strays), while others may be partnered or be collared (belonging to a handler a trainer or a sir). Some pups may even join a larger pack of pups and adopt puppy roles such as alpha, beta and omega.

What is a handler?

A handler is the term for a person who enjoys role playing as someone who takes care of a pup. Handlers can take many forms, from a nurturing caretaker to a firm leash-holder to an obedience trainer to a Dom or Sir. The relationship between handlers and pups can be romantic, sexual, or even platonic.

Ok, so is pup play a sexual, romantic, social or platonic thing?

It can be any of those things and pup play is different for different people. Most pups and handlers find some kind of physical and sexual gratification from it. Many also find a romantic connection, making pup play a part of a relationship. And some just want to enjoy the puppy headspace with platonic friends. There’s no wrong way to be a pup!

Are there other types of pet play?

Of course there are! Not everyone who enjoys pet play wants to occupy the canine headspace. Some prefer to role play as kittens, ponies, wolves, foxes, bulls, or any number of other animals. Each pet play animal has a different headspace and a different attitude.

Is this only for gay men?

Not at all! Pup play and pet play in general is open to people of all genders and orientations. Puppy play appears to be most popular among gay pups and handlers, but there are also large numbers of pups and handlers of every orientation and gender. Whether you’re a straight pup, a queer pup or any other kind of pup, you belong in the puppy play community.

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